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2022-12-27 – Progressive Rock Central (Chart)

Best Progressive Rock Albums of 2022
iNFiNiEN – Beyond the Veil (independent, 2022)
The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest – The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest (Ams Records, 2022)
The Aristocrats – With Primuz Chamber Orchestra (2022)
Stick Men – Tentacles (MoonJune Records, 2022)
Limite Acque Sicure – Limite Acque Sicure (Minotauro Records, 2022)
Il Sogno Di Rubik – Stati Equivoci dell’Essere (M.P. & Records, 2022)
Jordsjø – Jord Sessions (Karisma Records, 2022)
The Guildmasters – Liber de Dictis (Seacrest Oy, 2022)
Ben Craven – Monsters From The Id (Desert Comb Music, 2022)
The Samurai Of Prog – Anthem to the Phoenix Star featuring Marco Grieco (Seacrest Oy, 2022)