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2022-08-20 – Nigelleaney (Review)

We are being spoilt with a swathe of fine albums being recently released. First up, and in no particular order, is Australian Ben Craven’s latest offering, Monsters From The ID. In true seventies prog fashion, the album offers two symphonic pieces, Die Before You Wake and Amnis Flows Aeternum both around 20 minutes in length. The former is in seven parts while the latter has twelve parts.

They are cinematic style pieces with fine orchestral arrangements, with a suitably prog narrative that chronicles the age-old battle between good and evil within a person. Both are epic and sweeping with a myriad of influences ranging from Yes, Pink Floyd and Genesis plus Focus, Gryphon and Soft Machine.

The first track comes complete with a soaring choir, wonderful guitar solos that echo the work of Gilmour and Hackett plus washes of melodic keyboards reminiscent of Tony Banks.

The second track is equally epic that offers prominent bass work in the style of Chris Squire and a beautiful symphonic crescendo that rewards the listener with a satisfying emotional pay off.

It is a magnificent album.