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2022-06-15 – Permafrost Today (Review)

Ben Craven: A cinematic prog singer and songwriter.
Ben Craven – Monsters From The Id
Posted on 15. juni 2022 av Ulf Backstrøm in Nyheter, Snakk // 0 Kommentarer

Here is an update on one of the major world religions, but only to relate this to the album title of Ben Craven. Id, party, celebration, religious holiday. Used for two annual holidays that are celebrated all over the Muslim world. One is id al-fitr, the feast at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. The other is the sacrificial feast id al-adha.

A pretty good album title is Monsters From The Id, and the man behind this is Ben Craven. Monsters From The Id is a CD but attached is a DVD, and Ben Craven handle all the instruments and the vocal. He is a true multi-instrumentalist and hail from Brisbane in Australia, and describe himself as a cinematic prog singer and songwriter. Craven`s earliest albums were released under the name Tunisia, and the new album is the fifth in the chronology and the musicis defined as cross-over prog. Craven offers memorable hooks combined with with progressive rock and cinematic orchestral music.

Says, «I will personally dedicate and sign a digital image of the album cover, creating a unique one-of-a-kind JPG file. I will also film a personalized, short thank-you video in high definition».

Monsters From The Id is the logical realization of Craven’s musical trajectory thus far. It’s an album of two halves, each containing a traditional progressive rock epic the length of a side of vinyl. The two pieces comprise flowing parts and movements with both rock and Hans Zimmer-esque orchestral arrangements, punctuated by Ben’s distinctive lead guitar and vocals. Yet the album is predominantly instrumental.

«Lyrics are incredibly important to me», explains Craven, «but this music was not driven by words or language. It’s pure other-worldly escapism. It’s playing dress-up, wanting to make the world look much bigger than it seems right now, trying to recall the feeling that anything is possible, no matter how unlikely that might be».

Visually, the album cover is a treat, featuring breathtaking artwork by Freyja Dean adorning the triple gatefold CD/DVD wallet. Sonically, things are equally ambitious. A 5.1 surround mix is included on the DVD, while both stereo and surround versions are available for digital download in 24-bit 96kHz high resolution.

For downloaders, Craven is offering unique optional extras he hopes will help personalize the experience. «I’ll personally dedicate and hand-sign a digital version of the album cover, creating a one-of-a-kind image. And for good measure I’ll also send you an individualized thank-you video! There are no NFTs here, just unique digital offerings for anyone who wants them. Downloading music can feel like a detached, intangible activity for both parties. This is one way of bringing the human element back into it».



  1. Die Before You Wake (19:32) :

– a. Sleeping Spectre (2:19)

– b. Ancient Majesty (1:31)

– c. Die Before You Wake Part 1 (3:03)

– d. Warming Glow (3:55)

– e. Wicked Delights (2:40)

– f. Die Before You Wake Part 2 (2:01)

– g. Endless Night (4:03)

  1. Amnis Flows Aeternum (19:11) :

– a. Amnis Flows Aeternum Part 1 (1:11)

– b. Guiding Voice Part 1 (2:39)

– c. Sound And Light (1:20)

– d. Guiding Voice Part 2 (1:06)

– e. Royal Rewards Part 1 (1:09)

– f. Blessed Stream Part 1 (0:58)

– g. Amnis Flows Aeternum Part 2 (2:26)

– h. Earthly Dues (2:47)

– i. Amnis Flows Aeternum Part 3 (3:04)

– j. Blessed Stream Part 2 (0:51)

– k. Royal Rewards Part 2 (1:02)

– l. Guiding Voice Part 3 (0:38)

– Bonus Tracks:

  1. Die Before You Wake (Single Edit) (4:57)
  2. Wicked Delights (Single Edit) (2:40)
  3. Guiding Voice (Single Edit) (3:31)
  4. Amnis Flows Aeternum (Single Edit) (4:51)

Total Time 38:43 / *55:42

  • Including Bonus Tracks


Album in 5.1 surround and hight resolution stereo

  1. Die Before You Wake (Audio Only)
  2. Amnis Flows Aeternum (Audio Only)
  3. Die Before You Wake (Single Edit Video)
  4. Wicked Delights (Single Edit Video)
  5. Guiding Voice (Single Edit Video)
  6. Amnis Flows Aeternum (Single Edit Video)