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2022-05-09 – Oasis Entertainment (Review)

Monsters From The ID is the May 5, 2022 album by Australian progressive-rock artist Ben Craven. This CD/DVD collection is actually two main tracks (with several subtracks) Die Before You Wake and Amnis Flows Aeternum.  The first song, Die Before You Wake, (which is nineteen minutes and thirty two seconds long) has all sorts of subheadings (which we all loved way back then!) like Sleeping Spectre,  Ancient MajestyDie Before You Wake Parts 1 & 2Warming GlowWicked Delights, and Endless Night.  The second side-long tune begins with an acoustic prelude called Amnis Flows Aeternum which clocks in at nineteen minutes and eleven seconds features Guiding Voice Parts 1 & 2Amnis Flows Aeternum Parts 1&2Sound And LightRoyal Rewards Parts 1 &2 plus so much more.   Listening to this amazing album, it reminds me of the sound of bands such as Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and much more.   To round off the tracks on this album is the four bonus tracks.  The CD features a 5.1 mix, while in the DVD, features both stereo and surround-sound versions are available for digital download in 24-bit 96Hz high resolution.   I was quite moved by the performance on this album which I will want to listen to over and over again as well as brilliant composition work and a superb recording.  This is definitely and album that you will want to add to your music library which is available on CD/DVD and digital download from Bandcamp and many other retailers as well as from his official website where you can learn more about this artist and his music.   My next goal is try to get hold of his earlier work to see the growth of him as an artist and composer.