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2022-04-13 – Progressive Rock Central (Review)

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Ben Craven’s Splendid Tales and Mysteries through Cinematic Progressive Rock

 Angel Romero April 13, 2022

Ben Craven – Monsters From The Id (Desert Comb Music, 2022)

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Craven, Australia’s symphonic progressive rock master, is back with yet another superb new recording titled “Monsters From The Id”. Markedly, the album contains two 19+ epics plus several bonus tracks.

As in previous albums, Craven plays all instruments. Indeed, it is a spectacular one-man symphonic orchestra. The sound is very cinematic with powerful builds, masterful orchestrations, sound effects, and glorious choirs topped by Craven’s signature electric guitar sound.  Notably, the music is like a mix of progrock-era Pink Floyd and Yes, and the scores of movie soundtrack maestro Hand Zimmer. Although most of the album is instrumental, Ben Craven uses a mix of engaging solo vocals and finely crafted blended backing vocals that remind me of Billy Sherwood’s best vocal work.

Lyrics are incredibly important to me,” clarifies Craven“, but this music was not driven by words or language. It’s pure other-worldly escapism. It’s playing dress-up, wanting to make the world look much bigger than it seems right now, trying to recall the feeling that anything is possible, no matter how unlikely that might be.”

Ben Craven meticulously builds his productions, acting as performer, producer and recording and mastering engineer. However, there is more. He makes the progressive rock experience even more appealing by using with stunning artwork by Freyja Dean, daughter of cherished graphic artist Roger Dean, including a mini poster.

The album is available in several formats, including triple gatefold CD/DVD wallet with 5.1 surround mix as well as digital download in 24-bit 96kHz high resolution.

Release date is May 6, 2022. Get the album from