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2018-04 – Babysue (Review)

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Ben Craven – The Single Edits (CD, Desert Comb Music, Progressive/pop)

Brisbane, Australia-based recording artist Ben Craven has been recording and releasing music since 2005. Originally releasing music under the moniker Tunisia, he eventually dropped that name and began using his own. The Single Edits is a bit of a departure from previous releases. On this album, Ben compiled some of the best moments from his catalog and condensed them down into shorter bite-sized chunks. It’s an interesting idea…that works. For those unfamiliar with Craven’s music, this is probably the best single introduction. For those who already follow the man, this is yet another smart and heady collection of music that is meticulous and ultimately inspired. Eleven original compositions here featuring complex arrangements and wonderfully fluid guitars. Some instrumentals and some vocal tracks. Ben performed, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered everything himself. The only exception are the vocals on “Spy in the Sky Part 3” which are provided by William Shatner. The cool music is housed inside a slick cardboard foldout sleeve featuring beautiful artwork by Freyja Dean. Craven is a master composer and musician. This just might be the album that pushes this fellow’s career over the top. Mesmerizing edits include “Critical Mass Part 2,” “Aquamarine,” “Great Divide,” “Captain Caper,” and “Revenge of Dr. Komodo.”