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2017-05-02 – Skyfire Interactive (Press Release)

Originally published:

Ben Craven – The Single Edits

We are proud to present for your listening and airplay pleasure the new album from Aussie prog maestro Ben Craven.

The Single Edits is a collection of some of Ben’s best known tracks edited and prepared as an introduction to the world of Ben Craven.

Ben said “Ordinarily my albums are designed to be listened from start to finish as each track segues into the next. Not so this time. Ben Craven The Single Edits is a digital-only collection of single edits from three albums, compiled especially for streaming. Each track stands by itself and is ripe for cherry-picking.

It is my hope that this collection will act as a gateway into the Ben Craven musicverse. For instance, someone who discovers the 3-minute version of Spy In The Sky (featuring William Shatner) might also be interested in seeking out the complete 18-minute suite on CD.

Or, if you enjoy the 3:30 edit of No Specific Harm, you might find yourself unable to live without the full 11-minute version on vinyl.

Or maybe even you might just want to download the collection in lossless high resolution audio from Bandcamp instead.

Or not. It’s all good.”

If you would like to interview Ben please contact