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2016-06-01 – Babysue (Review)

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Ben Craven – Last Chance To Hear (CD, Tuneleak, Progressive)
The third full-length release from Ben Craven. This cool Australian singer/songwriter has impressed lots of folks over the past few years with his talents. Last Chance To Hear is yet another smart resilient addition to his growing catalog. We love the idea that sparked these recordings (“the end of the music industry as we know it”). To quote directly from the press release (and this is something we’ve been aware of for years): “There’s never been a time when so much new music was being made by so many people and being listened to by so few people.” Isn’t THAT the truth (!). For us, the worst part is that the music most people choose to listen to is the absolute WORST of the WORST. So…what’s an artist to do? Simply forge ahead for maximum enjoyment and entertainment. And that’s apparently what Craven is choosing to do. Ben’s songs are big, epic, complex progressive compositions that obviously require a great deal of time to compose, arrange, and record. But it’s all done with such slick professionalism that it all sounds so…easy (which we know it is not). Two surprise guest artists appear as well…Billy Sherwood and William Shatner. If you love progressive rock bands from the 1970s you’re sure to get a blast out of this one. It’s like a modern-day amped up version of various classic progressive rock bands from the past. Intriguing tracks include “Last Chance To Hear Part I,” “The Remarkable Man,” and “Mortal Remains.” Also includes a DVD with a feature about making the album plus four videos. The packaging on this one is trippy, beautiful, and totally mindblowing.