2012-02-27 – Progressive Rock Central (TFI News)

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Ben Craven – Two False Idols

Australian progressive rock multi-instrumentalist Ben Craven announced today the remastered reissue of his Two False Idols album “Some of you might know that in 2006 I released an album called Two False Idols under the name of Tunisia,” said Craven. “It started out life as a band project and went through a number of changes before being branded with a solo moniker.”Two False Idols by Tunisia was a lavish production with an expansive sound and dense atmosphere. A version in 5.1 surround was released. “During the making of Great & Terrible Potions my sonic preferences changed,” adds Craven. “I wanted to revisit the first album to bring out all the parts more clearly in the mix. I also re-sequenced the track running order to improve the flow of the album.”

The new take on Two False Idols is now available under Ben Craven and remixed with the benefit of hindsight. You can listen to it in its entirety at Craven’s Bandcamp site (and even purchase it for as little as AUD $5).