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2012-02-01 – Powerplay (Review)

Originally published in the UK print magazine Powerplay, February 2012 (page 29):

“Great And Terrible Potions”
Genre: Progressive Rock
Desert Comb Music

Ben Craven is a multi-instrumentalist from Brisbane. He has previously released an album under the name Tunisia, but this is his first as himself. When I first listened to this, and pretty much every time since, two words came straight to mind: Flower and Kings. Craven has really captured the sound of Roine Stolt and co; hell, he even sings like him.

There is some excellent music on here, and Craven proves himself more than capable on guitar, keys and vocals, just about everything. The music is very symphonic; it has soaring melodies that lodge in your brain. It is a very uplifting album, too; the music on here is kind of ‘feel good’ prog. If you take the more melodic, accessible parts of the Flower Kings, throw in a bit of Steve Hackett, Neal Morse and Bjorn Lynne, and you should be getting close to the sound of Ben Craven.

The album looks like a prog classic, too, with artwork by Roger Dean no less. And in true 70s prog fashion, it even comes with a free poster of the artwork. Highly recommended for anyone into any of the bands mentioned above or seventies prog in general.