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Lost Words

It’s the age-old story. Girl meets boy. Boy meets untimely demise. Girl reunites with boy for eternity in suspicious circumstances. All the melodrama, pomp and soaring instrumentation …


Lost Words

It’s the age-old story. Girl meets boy. Boy meets untimely demise. Girl reunites with boy for eternity in suspicious circumstances. All the melodrama, pomp and soaring instrumentation …

Purple Shuffle

A two-and-a-half-minute romping shot of dopamine inspired by early Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, with an added psychedelic swirl. Pared down from a ten-minute jam, the track promises to expand to epic l…

Watcher On The Wall

Watcher on the Wall, the sophomore track from Brisbane band Frankenfido, deals with the sacrifice and the moral ambiguity of those who fight our wars. Loosely inspired by Game Of Thrones, its acoustic…

Turn Out The Light

Turn out the Light, is Frankenfido‘s first release on the SongTraks label and is nothing less than a powerful mind-bending and pulse-driven track that takes no prisoners and is heartless to the …


Undo Redo

Originally entitled “Geoff Part 2”, this track feels like part of a bigger ethereal epic. It’s not Radiohead. Geoffrey Elgey – keys Ben Craven – guitar Dean Povey –…

Bluesy Fillmore

By special request, presenting for the first time EVER, the legendary LOST (until now), FULL “Bluesy Fillmore” jam! Without fear of overstatement, this is the holy grail for Frankenfidofet…

Not A Bad Friday

Actually it was Good Friday. Excerpt of the band improvising on themes from the upcoming song, “Turn Out The Light”. Ben – guitar Malcolm – keys Geoff – bass Dean – drums Recorded …

Hymn For A Pool Cleaner

Occasionally Frankenfido gets together and we just play. Anything. For fun. The tapes are always rolling and bits of music fall out. Malcolm – keys Ben – guitar Geoff – keys Dean – drums Recor…

Blood On The Fretboard

Geoff sliced open his finger over lunch. We bandaged him up and got on with playing anyway. This particular spontaneous jam ended abruptly unfortunately and we sent him to the blood bin. Malcolm &#821…

Podcast – FrankenOpenDiscussion

A Podcast By Musicians For Musicians And Non-Musicians Alike

Frankenfido dares to ask the big questions!

What is life? What is art? What is beauty? Can music be better than it sounds?

And, just like the great philosophers before them, the band members themselves are not immediately forthcoming with the answers. Not all of them, anyway.

“Perhaps the answer itself is a journey, an odyssey, if you will. Much like our music,” argues Dean, the band’s principal timekeeper.

Not unexpectedly then, the music of Frankenfido is an intriguing and genre-defying creation that explores the boundaries of artistry and encourages listeners to re-evaluate their own preconceptions of rhythm, melody, harmony and tuning.

“The lessons I’ve learned in Frankenfido have been invaluable,” agrees Ben as he polishes his instrument.

Indeed, Frankenfido has gone so far as to invent its own genre: “post-music”.  A listening experience can no longer be treated simply as a passive endeavour. The band’s music demands that audiences apply their own imaginations to help comprehend the unique sonic landscape presented before them.

“Our theoretical stuff is just as enjoyable as our actual stuff,” adds bottom-end specialist Geoff, enigmatically.

The band hopes to challenge and provoke the gatekeepers of popular music – the establishment, if you will – who would ordinarily seek to prevent such a group from existing.

Frankenfido, therefore, is not so much a band as a way of life, an attitude, a mindset, a mantra for these disaffected souls who discover themselves trapped in an impersonal and increasingly baffling world.

“Music is not our product,” suggests Ken, who possesses a remarkable ability to imply melodies only by using his voice. “We could just concentrate on the written word instead.”

Many of us would wish to argue otherwise.

Dean Povey (Drums)

“You can’t fail if you don’t try….”

Ben Craven (Guitar)

“We can just wipe the blood off the fretboard…”

Geoff Elgey (Bass)

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing..”

Ken Robinson (Vocals)

“I’ve got nothing…”