2006-04-06 Freeform FM

Originally posted by Diane E. Amov at Freeform FM:

Don’t call it prog rock!

That’s what Australia’s Ben Craven, the man behind the one-man-band, Tunisia tells interviewers.

It’s not that Craven doesn’t like prog; he refers to his own music as “cinematic rock”, so he certainly embraces a sound that’s both programatic and expansive. It’s just that, when he tours as Tunisia (so named because he liked the way it sounded), his instrumentation bears a closer resemblance to John Lee Hooker than Yes. On tour, it’s just Craven, his guitar, his stomping foot, and sometimes, a bassist — doing music like this dreamy, hummable track, from Tunisia’s debut:

Look Away from Two False Idols.

Buy Two False Idols at the band’s website.